Kisser: over 100 memories of a first kiss 	2013



November 2013


Artquest Pamphlets: 12 polemical essays

A new publication commissioned by Artquest. Six arts professionals write anonymously on irksome aspects of the artworld 

edited by Alex Julyan 

new work 2013


drawings . objects . projects:  new works from the studio

KISSER: 100 imprints

framed works


Mis en Scene . KOKONTOZAI . 86 Goldborne Rd . London
Intimate mis en scene artworks constructed from original copies of The London Illustrated News depict three-dimensional scenes filled with visual twists.

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Lost in Translation by Alex Julyan and Bill Gilonis
An experimental book exploring aspects of language, perception and chance in an exchange between London and Zurich. Twenty objects are documented in text, drawings and photographs. [link]